Remembering Guglielmo Zamboni

Who was Guglielmo Zamboni

It is not easy to explain in few words who was Guglielmo, then we integrally bring the article that was written by his father on the Aeroplanino, a company magazine founded and directed by Guglielmo.

Guglielmo Zamboni

On the 3rd of March, 2005, in a tragic plane crash my son Guglielmo was killed along with four of his friends.

The causes of the accident are not yet known, but even when these causes and responsibilities are known, no one will return my Guglielmo.

The “Aeroplanino” was a Biolchim’s bimestral publication created by Guglielmo who himself was the coordinator. It is for this reason, to honor this nice initiative, that the Aeroplanino will continue to exist.

I have received so many expressions of pain from so many people who knew him, and I will take care to thank all of you personally, but for now, through the Aeroplanino, I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

The great and heartfelt participation at his funeral has shown and confirmed his popularity, unusual for a young man of only 26 years.
To his funeral, friends and acquaintances came from all over Italy, Argentina, Finland, Belgium, Tunisia, Turkey, England, France and Spain. I have received letters from all over the world, from Northern Europe, China, the Middle East, South America, Mexico, the United States and North Africa.
Guglielmo had many friends and he knew many people from all social classes, but all of them had a certain depth and intelligence. Guglielmo was very selective and did not associate with mediocre people.

When someone dies they are always remembered as the best, the good, the most loved, but I really think that Guglielmo had something more.

Guglielmo was thirsty for life, and he has condensed in these few 26 years everything that a normal person would be diluted in a lifetime.

His first passion: flying

At 16 he attended the private pilot course and as soon as he turned 17 took his private pilot’s licence.
He began his aviation career with qualifications on the Citation, the DC 9 and the Dornier.
His career was interrupted because of military service during which time he also enrolled at University.
He was entered in the Alpine, and for his love and his excellent knowledge of music was invited to join the Orchestra of the Tridentine Fanfare.

He had a lot of success with concerts in various parts of Italy, but also in Berlin and Geneva.

After he left the military he resumed his primary passion, flying.

He became the first officer at Gandalf Airline at only 20 years old and began his career by accumulating many hours of flying and qualifications on other airplanes.
He still maintained a strong bond with friends at the Tridentine Fanfare, and contined to meet them to play in concerts.

Although he loved flying very much, after two years he understood that this work could not be his future.
The advanced technology of new aircraft prevents the pilot from actively participating in flight and he found a lack of creative opportunities in this work. Moreover, the company denied him the opportunity to become Commander, despite having all the power and titles to do so, saying: “Guglielmo passengers may have fear of seeing a child Commander”.
For all these reasons, Guglielmo finally decided to leave the company.

His second passion: Biolchim, his father’s Company

Guglielmo Zamboni

In late summer 2002 Guglielmo began working in Biolchim without a specific position, but only as the pilot for business trips, with his father’s plane, a Cessna 340.
In a few months he was able to understand the structure of Biolchim and started to put his hand to some of the weaknesses that he had noticed, that is in information technology, marketing, business and in new initiatives.

He discovered new opportunities in China, and at only 23 years old, alone, made his first trip to that Country.
He began importing large quantities of raw materials at low cost, making important savings for the Company.
With these new Chinese suppliers, he immediately established good relations. The Chinese, however, speak little or poor English so Guglielmo began taking lessons in Chinese language.
In the office I had the opportunity to hear his phone calls to China with strange and incomprehensible words interspersed with English. Ten days before his death I was astounded to hear an entire conversation in Chinese.

At the same time he discovered the Latin America, and so began his travels in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Uruguay.
Very quickly he made his first import of an important raw material from Venezuela, meanwhile in Argentina he created his own things, which I only discovered after his death.

He became a partner of a leading restaurant in Buenos Aires and with his friend Diego Ranea created a new Trading Company, to start with, in addition to other activities, the importation into Italy of typical wines of South America.

At this point, he believed it would be important to have knowledge also of the Spanish language, and then began to study, being able to speak it fluently in a very short time.

While carrying out these frantic activities, he continued to take his exams at the University, in fact he attended the faculty of Geology and wanted to graduate early to bring to a conclusion to this commitment. In the meantime, and I only discovered after his death, he created with his friend Marco Rasera, (a former pilot colleague of Gandalf), the “ ZR Air Service”, a Company that would provide banner towing services.

This new activity would have commenced the following Spring, with the purchase of a new aircraft which had been completed just the month before.
The day of the funeral, we should have gone to Alicante to create the new Biolchim Spain, and I had anticipated that he would have liked to manage from the beginning this new Spanish Company. As well as this he had offered to personally follow all the sales organization in Italy as well as Biolchim Tunisie, after he attended the last meeting of this Board of Directors’ in my place.

Guglielmo was a vulcan in work and in search of new activities that he often did not share with me, perhaps fearing that my opinion could limit the total ownership of his own ideas.
Absolutely he did not like and he did not want to be the "Daddy’s boy” or just the “Boss’s son”.

His third passion: the desire for knowledge

Copertina Soffi di vento

His understanding of culture, from his classical studies, was profound.
Reading for him was not a pastime, but a necessity.
His house was filled with books so, with Guglielmo, one had to be cautious when discussing any topic, as he was so well informed on every subject.
From an early age his reading was committed and diligent, and his books ranged from the classics to contemporary history, from fiction to scientific texts, from information technology to the natural sciences.
His sister Gunilla came into his home 15 days after his death and found two large boxes containing copies of a book that were just been printed by the publishing house “Il piccolo Torchio” of Novara.
For us, the family, this was really a big surprise and a cause of further emotion.

Never had we experienced his poetic inclination. Maybe he wanted to make a surprise for us.

Inside those boxes were just printed books with the title: "Soffi di Vento" of Guglielmo Zamboni.
“Soffi di Vento” is a collection of his poems.

Guglielmo was only 26 years old! Where could he have arrived?

This was my Guglielmo, and the Lord has taken him back with Him. His mother and I have lost a beloved son, Gunilla her dear brother, all of you an honest friend, all of us a precious gift that the Lord had given us, but, sadly, for only a short time.
Ciao my Guglielmo.

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