Letter to the pilots

Letter to the pilots
  • Dear Friends,
    this letter is written by Gianni Zamboni, for years a great lover of flight and a friend to all those who share this wonderful passion.

    I would like to inform you of the recent repurchase of Ozzano Airfield, formerly Aerdelta, now “Aviosuperficie di Ozzano Guglielmo Zamboni”, already owned by me in the past, to which I intend to devote myself full time during my next years, having already finished my other business activities.

    I would also like to inform you that, with great emotion, I dedicated the airfield to my dear son Guglielmo, young and experienced professional pilot, who died in a tragic plane crash in 2005 at the age of only 26. Too short a time to fully express his talent, but enough to leave me, and those who knew him with a deep and indelible memory, primarily to the joy of having had him compared to the pain of having lost him.

    This tragic event, as always in the mood for a father, created "primarily" an impulsive instinct to reject and deny a passion but, with the passing of time, when reason takes over from the pain, there emerges strongly a certainty that Guglielmo, in love with that place, would have liked development rather than disengagement.

    It is just in memory of Guglielmo, for whom I am trying hard to identify, with the help of an expert staff of flight, all the possible paths, useful to improve and to make this place even more attractive. Overlooking the lovely view of the hills of Bologna which, when viewed from above on a clear sunny day, invites everyone to a landing and to take a break here.

    In our Region the Ozzano Airfield is already known by all lovers of aviation, so this letter is addressed especially to those who have not yet had the opportunity or the occasion to try it.

    All this will result in a rapid development of a program of events and meetings, about which you will be informed in advance, as well as a plan for the upgrading of all airport services, from the creation of light schools (PPL, GPL and VDS), from the supply of each type of fuel for aircraft and helicopters, to establishment of a Service Center for maintenance and aircraft repair, with emergency services for technical problems, and logistics of entertainment, recreation and catering, which can be even more appreciated during the traditional annual events already known by you.

    After so many years in industry, I use this experience with the firm intention to prepare a place for all pilots who, in their travels, will remember Ozzano for quality of service, efficiency, and above all kindness and style.

    This is what my Guglielmo would have wanted.

    Gianni Zamboni

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