Ozzano's "Guglielmo Zamboni" Airfield is one of the very few sites in Italy that can offer a certified self-service fueling station for:

Payments for gasoline are accepted cash or by Bancomat; for Jet A-1 by credit cards, Bancomat or cash.
People arriving from abroad and wishing to fuel with Jet A-1, please get in touch with Stefano Landi +39 349 6086621.

Jet A-1 fueling service is free.

JET A-1 fueling station for helicopters.

JET A-1 fueling station for helicopters.

SKYLINE S.r.l. - Via Sabbionara, 5 - 40064 Ozzano Dell'Emilia (BO)
Tel. 349 6086621 - Fax 051795118 - email - pec
P.I. 00708401203 - C.F. 00829170620 - R.E.A. BO 328034 - Cap. sociale int. versato: € 50.000,00
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